A(rduino) OS
Simple Task Scheduler for Arduino Development Board
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 aos_common.hThis file declares a common routines for AOS
 aos_config.hThis file stores some basic configuration variables for AOS
 aos_constants.hProvides implementation of all the enumerations and constant system specific values
 aos_ctx.hContains all the necesarry routines and data types related with context switching
 aos_list.hGeneric list implementation for AOS
 aos_sched.cScheduler routines implementation
 aos_sched.hInterface for the system scheduler
 aos_sem.hSemaphores interface
 aos_sys_types.hGeneric system types
 aos_task.cImplementation of task specific routines
 aos_task.hTask control block interface
 aos_timer.cImplementation of timers for AOS
 aos_timer.hTimer implementation for AOS